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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Sheffield?

  • Sheffield specializes in providing product solutions for equipping ,settings for  a wide range of food and beverage facilities including restaurants, kitchens ,restaurants , bars and coffee shops
  • Sheffield provides a one stop solution that offers not just world leading products but also the design and facility planning that creates the ideal operating environment
  • Sheffield’s unique business proposition brings together expertise in engineering and steel fabrication technology and knowledge of hospitality processes  and requirements to deliver highly customized , efficient and cost effective solutions
  • Sheffield has a fully equipped experience center where clients can test out concepts and products before launching them commercially
  • Our capacity is 20 metric tonnes of fabricated steel in a month
  • For the last 13 years Sheffield has designed , installed and serviced over 7,000 kitchens in the East African region and some as far as Nigeria
  • Sheffield has a strong  regional presence with operations in Kenya , Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda  to ensure continuous service and supply wherever you decide to locate or grow your business
  • Sheffield has the largest service team in Africa of over 40 employees, most have been trained abroad to guarantee the best and most advanced services for your equipment.

Myths about Sheffield

  • Sheffield is expensive

There is a notion that Sheffield is expensive and thus potential clients shy away. However Sheffield provides the most advanced and up to date technology solutions which is far much better than the conventional solutions offered in the market place. In the long run you are able to get a good return on your investment when you purchase from us.

  • Sheffield only deals with big brands

There is misconception in the market place that Sheffield deals with the big and established brands. Sheffield has customized solutions for your business at whatever stage you are .Sheffield will offer you solutions tailor made for your business to make you competitive in the market and also partner with you as you grow

  • It is cheaper to import from abroad than buy from Sheffield

It may seem cheaper to buy from abroad than to import from Sheffield but with the costs associated with installation and servicing in the long run makes it far much expensive. 

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