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The Nairobi Hospital

Project Narative

At the very heart of provision of world class healthcare lies the Nairobi Hospital .This medical institution is recognized world over for offering first class medical care to its patients. Sheffield was excited to have been awarded this project which is the biggest kitchen installation project in East and Central Africa and the biggest reference project for Sheffield Africa.

The project was very unique and required a unique approach to deliver to its demands.

Sheffield Africa Engagement

Sheffield had the technical personnel, skill set and expertise to make this milestone project successful .Our team of engineers, chefs, consultants, designers and technicians delivered excellent results.
Over the years a lot of emphasis has been put on nutrition in hospitals to ensure quick recovery and prevention of infections amongst the patients. The equipment supplied and installed will go to ensure that aesthetics, hygiene and safety are maintained throughout the food storage, preparation and serving processes.  
Sheffield Africa is proud to be part of the success story and expansion of Nairobi hospital and we look forward to future partnerships in other milestone projects.

Project details: stainless steel fabricated items, cold rooms, commercial kitchen equipment and commercial laundry equipment, banqueting trollies, Rational Self Cooking Centers

  • Location Argwings Kodhek Rd
  • Date2016-2017

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