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Choosing A Commercial Washing Machine 12thJuly

In the hospitality industry commercial washing machines are essential if hotels, hospitals and spas are to keep up with the high volumes of washing. However, their use isn’t limited to such big companies; it’s extremely common for large families and small businesses to make use of such equipment too. A lot of people think that the only difference between a standard household washing machine and an industrial one is the size however, when choosing a commercial machine there’s a lot more to take into account .Sheffield offers commercial grade machines in three broader categories:

  • Coin operated
  • commercial
  • Industrial.

Coin Machines/ self Service

Coin operated machines are great for places where costs need to be recuperated, or where machines are being operated for profit. Examples might include, do it yourself laundries, apartment complexes, university hostels. There are a variety of coin operated machines to meet you demand. Careful thought must be put into deciding between a Coin Slide, Coin Drop or Credit Card Operated washing machine, with each having a unique benefit. Coin Slide machines are the cheapest option, Coin Drop Washers provide a more hassle free mechanism that are less likely to be vandalized while Credit Card operated washers are the way of the future

Commercial Machines

This style is ideal for business use where the workload is not too heavy. Businesses such as hair salons that require towels or linens for a caterer. They are built similarly to coin operated models, with the convenience of a standard start, without coins. Both commercial and coin operated machines come in three basic styles, to suit the application. Consider your space and usage when selecting.

Traditional top load machines
Work well for lower capacity usage, such as dormitories or apartments, where they receive similar usage as might be expected in a single family dwelling and wash quality is not the most important factor.
Front load machines
offer larger capacity and don’t require top access. Commercial Front Load washers are the most power- and water-efficient style of washers on the market to ensure running costs are kept to a minimum, saving your cash!
With Front Load Washers
cleaning much better than top load washers and in similar cycle times, these washers are ideal for situations that require a high standard of finish in quick turnaround times such as boutique motels, hairdressers and beauty salons.
Stackable units
Are great for Coin Laundry stores, or applications where floor space is at a premium. They allow for a full sized washer and matching dryer in the footprint of one washing machine, perfectly suited to vet premises and remote mine camps.

Industrial Machines

These are the workhorses, with large capacity and long wearing construction, industrial machines are the heaviest and typically most expensive. Industrial machines are designed to be front loading, for ease of use, and are designed for high volume, repetitive use. These machines are ideal for applications in commercial laundries and dry cleaners, or for institutional use in locations such as hotels, where large amounts of laundry are regularly done.

By determining your needs, and your installation, narrowing down your choices becomes a fairly simple matter. Choose a machine that is capable of handling the load you require for best results. At Sheffield Africa we will offer consultation, supply, installation and service of commercial laundry equipment. Get in touch with our experts and we will offer you the commercial laundry equipment suitable for your needs backed up with reliable after sales services.

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