Nilfisk vacuum cleaner;


Product Details

Product FamilyCleaning
Product SupplierNilfisk
Product ModelLSU 135
Product Dimensions470x450x800
Product Details Nilfisk  vacuum cleaner;
 Quick release cord clip.Detachable power cable removal for quick service.Tools-free brush removal.Standard certified HEPA H13 filter.Rated power 1000W.Airflow 1869I/min.Cable length 7m.Vaccum at noozle 24kPa.Low level of noise. 35Ltr container tank.   Eco-friendly fan unit allows 25% reduced power consumption.Superb ergonomics and environmental friendliness. Net weight 13 Kgs for easy portability. Voltage(V) 220-240.Frequency(Hz) 50-60.IP protection class IP20.Suction power end of tube 130W. Main filter area 2400cm².Exhaust filter type HEPA 13.Cleaning path 292mm.Brush speed 2800RPM.

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