Sheffield has partnered with Comenda to provide quality ware washing solutions to east Africa. Our Dishwashers clean hygienically and economically every time.

The founder company of ALI Group, comenda has been synonymous with the best in professional dishwashing equipment for over 50years. Being one of the top players both in Europe and worldwide, comenda manufactures and markets more than 200 dishwashing solution, from the smallest glasswashers for bars through to large automated continuous flow systems for restaurants hospitals, canteens and inflight catering
Comenda has made significant progress in limiting consumption with focus in sustainability that translates to respect to the environment and respect for people.
Products keep running costs low by using less water and detergent during wash cycle and cutting energy consumption, without sacrificing hygiene or efficiency.
Silent machine operations and lower heat dispersion ensure pleasant conditions in workplace
COMENDA is an environmentally friendly brand.
Our proud customers include: The Boma Hotel, Baobab Beach resort, united nation Headquarters, Kenya tea development Agency and many more